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LED Lights 

At FamliiShop, you will always find a large selection of LED lights for indoor and outdoor use. We love LED lights because they offer many fun opportunities to be creative. At the same time, they are a safe solution suitable for children’s rooms and older people. We have decorative LED lights, as well as LED lights that provide functional lighting for increased visibility. 

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Below you can read much more about our selection. We often get new, fun LED lights in stock. You can find tealight stands, lights for the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, as well as lights for summer parties or decorating the children's rooms.

If you have any questions about our products, you are always welcome to contact our customer service, and we will be happy to help you. Remember that we also have many other exciting items for home decoration and that you can always find decorations for the annual holidays. If you're looking for a bargain, you can also look at our sales and offers, where you can often find many exciting products - and who knows, maybe you'll find just what you're looking for.

LED light strips - Both for Christmas and general decoration

LED light strips are perfect for those who want lighting that provides a bright, but cosy light. Many people love using string lights indoors because they truly manage to create a cosy atmosphere, and string lights are trendy in teenagers' rooms.

Our light chains are available in many different lengths, but also with different motifs that make them ideal for holidays or other decorations, for example, if you are having a garden party.

If you wish to use the lights outdoors, you must ensure that they are string lights or light strips that can tolerate wind, weather, and moisture - we also have a large selection of these. Under each product, you can read much more about the individual products, including how many LED bulbs are included, how long the cords are, and whether the lights can be operated with remote control.

LED strips - Give your home a little extra atmosphere

LED strips are among the newest trends in LED and are especially a hit among children and the young adults. These LED lights sit on a thin strip that can be mounted in most places, for example, on the ceiling, under the bed or at the gaming desk. That is where the name LED strip comes from since it is a versatile strip of lights that can be placed nearly anywhere.

On the strip itself, there is already an adhesive that is easy to apply and take off and which will not damage wallpaper or woodwork. This makes it easy to change where you want to put it. The strip has many small LED lights, giving an illusion of a band of light. Our LED strips include a remote, allowing you to control the lights' colour and different patterns.

Outdoor lighting - Create a great outdoor atmosphere

You will also find a large selection of outdoor lights, including our string lights, perfect for decorating at Christmas time. These can be used in the garden's bushes or trees, on a flagpole or on the roof. You will find LED candles with flickering flames for outdoor use. Our large selection also includes solar lamps. You can mount some models on the wall, for example, on the garage or the back door. Others you can put into the ground - for example, on the path in the backyard or driveway.

For your "Winter Wonderland" decorations, you can also find LED icicles which can be mounted on the side of the house to light up the winter nights with a cosy and natural light. Take a look and get inspired for the changing seasons!

Our LED lights can, of course, be used in all year round. For example, you can use them for annual summer parties, when you want a little more light on the street, or when the terrace needs extra light in the late evenings.

LED candles - Cosiness without fire and air pollution

LED candles are an excellent choice if you are tired of standard candles or want a more environmentally friendly and safe solution. There are many different kinds of LED candles, and you can read more about some of the different types below.

LED lights - Create a cosy atmosphere without fire

LED tealights are the same size as ordinary tealights, so you can easily use them in your regular tealight holders. In addition, they are available in many fun and beautiful colours and even with glitter and similar decorations.

Pillar candles - Avoid soot in your lantern

LED pillar lights are often available in sets of three, giving you ample opportunity to have a uniform set for Holiday decorations or for adding to the decor in your living room. These thick candles are made of a material resembling candle wax, giving them a realistic look and feel. The flame also flickers in the "wind", so it looks like a realistic and lifelike flame. The lights are available in beautiful designs and colours to suit any theme and decor. You can find them in various colours and textures, whether you are going for a rustic or refined look.

LED dinner candles - Enhance a cosy ambience with lifelike lights

LED dinner candles are ideal if you have many beautiful candle holders you want to show off, but you do not want to use ordinary dinner candles since they burn down quickly and can drip onto the holders. These dinner candles come in beautiful colours and have a flickering, lifelike flame. Therefore, you won't compromise on cosiness, but you are free from smoke and the heavy air that the candles can create when used indoors.

LED Night Lights - Makes it easy to find your way in the dark

LED night lights are perfect for smaller children who either need light to fall asleep or to have on all night so they can find their way to the parents' bedroom or the toilet. At the same time, many of these lamps provide beautiful light and different features like projecting motifs on the wall, which can be soothing to look at as you fall asleep. They are easy to operate, and you can read more about them under each model.

Other LED lights

We also have a wide selection of other LED lights that you can use for many different purposes. We have waterproof lights suitable for many different purposes - for example, in the bathtub, in your aquarium, or as a coaster under your favourite party drinks. These come with a remote control to change the colours - perfect for many hours of fun.

You can also find lights to be placed in the toilet. This is perfect if you have small children who need to be able to find the toilet in the evening and at night.

We also have many other fun products, so take a look around our site and be inspired by how you can use LED lights in your interior design!

Why LED lights? - Longer durability & more security

Why is it a good idea to choose LED lights over traditional candles? There are actually several reasons. First, LED lights are very safe if, for example, you want to use them in Christmas decorations or if the children want to have cosy lights in their room. The candles have a realistic flame that moves, and you can set a timer on many of them so that they turn off by themselves. This also makes them good for older people. Secondly, LED lights are ideal for families with an asthmatic or older person or others who may have lung problems. Unlike regular candles, LED lights do not emit smoke and other substances that can cause irritation and pose a problem for lung patients.

The designation LED stands for "light emitting diode" and is also a more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional lights or candles. They have a very long lifespan and use significantly less energy.