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Car Accessories

We have a large selection of accessories for the car. You can find fridges, GPS holders, dashcams, emergency hammers and much more at low prices.

Are you looking for something extra for your car? Below, you can read more about our various products.

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Everything you need for your car

You probably know the feeling – no matter if you are going for a long or quick trip, you need the best gear for your car. Whether it is a compressor to pump your tires, storage for the children’s toys, drinks, or something else, you are always missing something. But no more! At FamliiShop, you can find everything you need for your car – for the vehicle itself, for organising, for children in the car, tools and much more. You can read more about our extensive selection on this page, and you may well find just what you are looking for.


There are several must-haves that you need in the car. That could be a pen to remove scratches or storage for your phone and wallet while driving. Read about some of our best and most popular products below.
  • Fix It Pro – Fix It Pro is a tool, a pen, to camouflage scratches on your car. For example, on the car door.
  • Breathalyser – never drive while drunk! A breathalyser is excellent in the car to check your blood alcohol level after a glass of wine or a beer. Do not get behind the wheel if you doubt whether you can drive – even if your blood alcohol level is below the limit.
  • Reflective vest – a reflective vest is a must-have in your car. It becomes necessary if you have to stop on the side of a busy road. In many countries, it is required by law to wear a reflective vest if you step out of your car in the emergency lane, for example, on the German autobahn.

Other products for your car

Are you looking for something else for your car? Below, you can read more about our various products to make your car’s interior fit your needs perfectly.

Accessories for kids

Impatient children can rage havoc in a filled car, ready for summer vacation. And who can blame them? They have to sit still for several hours and get impatient and bored. Luckily, we can help! With products such as Plan-N-Snack Tray and organisers with a cooler, you can keep your kids occupied, and the holiday peace will last a little longer. Play-N-Snack-Tray is a tray creating a solid surface on which your children can play and eat in the car. It has side pockets and edges to keep everything in place. You can use the ray in the car, stroller, couch, or on a table.

Car accessories for your phone

No matter if you are looking for a car phone mount with a charger, a USB cable or something else, you will find it at FamliiShop. We have a large selection of car accessories for your phone. If you use your phone as a GPS, we recommend getting a car phone mount to keep your eyes on the road. It can cost you if the police catch you with your phone in your hand – even if you use it as a GPS. When using a car phone mount, there are several things to consider. First, you must ensure that the mount does not limit your view, so you can easily see the entire road. Secondly, you must ensure that it is correctly mounted so it won’t fall down and distract you while driving. You can also find various cables connecting your phone and car, allowing you to listen to music, import contacts, etc.


At FamliiShop, we have everything you need for your car. That includes various solutions to keep your car organised. Among other things, we have different front and back seat organisers. You can find the well-known mat hanging from the front and the passenger seat for the back seat. Here, your kids can store toys, snacks, and drinks. Everything can have its own slot, making it easy to find, even on a long drive. For the front seats, you can find an organiser for the side of the seats between the parking brake and the seat. It has pockets to hold your wallet, phone or other small objects you don't want lying around the bottom of the car or on the passenger seat.