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Inspiration for home and garden

Here, you will find everything your heart desires when looking for home accessories. You will find everything from bedding and rugs to kitchen appliances and garden tools. Find beautiful, practical, and functional solutions for your home and garden.


Furnish your home with round rugs

Furnish your home with small rugs that keep your feet warm and cosy. Our rugs from Nepal are handmade designs made of pure wool. The rugs are made up of small felt balls sewn together by hand. Therefore, none of the carpets is 100% identical, giving them a unique charm. The round design means that the rug can easily fit right where you need to warm your feet - under the coffee table, next to the bed, or under your favourite armchair. We have the round carpets in many different colours to match every taste and interior aesthetic – whether you prefer the multi-coloured look or a more strictly Nordic style.

Better sleep with quality bedding

There is almost nothing better than crawling under the covers when the bedding is brand new and freshly washed. It doesn't really matter how you wash your bedding. The vast majority of bedding can be washed at 60 degrees. Still, it is better to always check the specific washing instructions on your bedding because, naturally, they can vary. If you want to protect the colours and fibres of your bedding, you can wash it inside out.

If you have the opportunity, we recommend you dry your bedding outside on a clothesline. It causes less wear on your bedding, and you get the most deliciously smelling fresh bedding to put on your bed.

Garden time - relaxation or work?

Time in the garden - it's good for both body and mind. However, time in the garden can look very different depending on what you are doing. For some, time spent in the garden equals relaxing in the hammock or cosying up around the bonfire. For others, it is the gardening itself that comes first. It can be both a duty and a joy to keep the garden a neat and pleasant place to be.

In many ways, the garden has become an extension of our home. The garden is called an outdoor space. It is a space that can be designed and furnished precisely as we decorate our home interior. The garden can become a personalised haven with different areas for peace and reflection. Or it can become a centre for parties and gatherings with family and friends - a terrace with space for many people and outdoor lighting, so the party can continue into the wee hours of the night. Some prefer a garden that is as maintenance-free as possible so their time can be spent on other things they prioritise more. Others enjoy that the garden requires a bit of muscle power - after all, nature has a life of its own, and it can be very fulfilling to work with nature in the different seasons that the European climate gives us.

No matter whether you prefer relaxing or working in the garden, we have something you can use. From hammocks to garden tools.

Find inspiration for your home and garden at FamliiShop

It is important that you feel at home in your own home. It should feel great to come home. Creativity can really flow freely when your house is in order. Therefore, both interior design and garden projects are something that most people are interested in. We do what we can to inspire you to make everyday life more fun with creative ideas.

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