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Kitchenware and Accessories 

Find inexpensive kitchen tools and accessories with a large selection of items, including cookware, electric kettles, appliances, knives and much more.
Find inspiration for your kitchen – keep an eye on our ongoing offers and save money.

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Large selection of kitchen appliances and blenders

We have a large selection of electric appliances for the kitchen, such as mixers, mini blenders, low-priced coffee machines etc. We often add new products to our range, so keep an eye out!
Our well-designed classic coffee machines are on sale while supplies last. We sell, among other things, appliances from the well-known Royalty Line brand. With a traditional coffee machine, you are guaranteed excellent coffee just as you like it, and you also have the option to adjust both the strength and temperature yourself.

If you are looking for an inexpensive food processor, we can also help you with that. A good food processor is a must in any modern kitchen - you can use it for everything from baked goods to mixing up a batter or the like. You don't have to get your fingers sticky with dough. Instead, you can have your hands free to work on many other things - an indispensable helper in the kitchen! We have various food processors on sale, so you can find just the one that suits your culinary desires.

Get the popular Nutribullet blender at FamliiShop

We have the Nutribullet juicer/blender on sale. With the Nutribullet, you can blend, puree, and mash your food. Use it for everything from different types of mince to your healthy morning smoothie. We have both the classic Nutribullet with 600 watt and Nutribullet with 900 watt, if it needs to be able to do handle a little bit more.

Cool kitchen accessories at low prices

In addition to our electric appliances for the kitchen, we also have a large selection of inexpensive kitchenware, such as knife sets, bowls and dishes, the Slicer Dicer, and other gadgets.

In particular, the various types of Slicer Dicers for fruit and vegetables have become incredibly popular. Never before has cutting fruit and vegetables been so easy and fast. The slicer ensures that all the pieces are the same size.