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LED Dinner Candles

LED dinner candles are used in candleholders and decorations and are available in different sizes. They are a fantastic and safe alternative to traditional dinner candles. A fire-proof solution that can burn for many hours, so you can simply enjoy the beautiful light without worrying about when to blow them out. Our beautiful LED dinner candles have a lifelike, flickering flame. They are ideal for decorating anywhere in the home, all year round. Below, you can get to know our popular lights a little better, and you can also read more about why they are the obvious choice the next time you need to buy dinner candles. Remember that you can also always take a look at our outlet, which is full of products at competitive prices - you might just find exactly what you are looking for.

Safe lights

FamiliShop's LED candles are an excellent choice if you want to have safe lights to decorate your Christmas tree. Although it is not a real flame, they are very lifelike and look just like the real thing! This means there is no risk of fire, no matter where the lights are placed. At the same time, you improve indoor air quality. With LED light, you avoid heavy or smoky air, which can be challenging, especially for the elderly with lung problems. Candles produce more smoke and soot than you think, and when it's cold outside, it can be a little more difficult to remember to ventilate properly to get enough fresh air for a healthy indoor environment. LED dinner candles can help keep the air inside clean and can be used all over the home - even in the children's room. Batteries are not included, so remember to buy some in the right size. Then you'll have a safe alternative to traditional candles that look just like the real thing on the Christmas tree or the dining table.

LED dinner candles throughout the home

LED dinner candles can be used throughout the home and fit in most standard holders that are suitable for traditional dinner candles. Dinner candles are particularly suited for Christmas decorations, beautiful candle holders, and many other places. They can also be used all year round. You can go for a classic design, combining brass holders with white candles, or you might also want to try one of the big trends of the moment, where you use more coloured candles. Try candles in darker shades of red for a trendy 70s style or pastel-coloured candles for a modern, Scandinavian, feminine style. You can use LED candles as a finishing touch, and most of our models include 2 pieces, so you are sure to get a set that you can place side by side or use as a common theme in your decor. If you have children wanting their own candles in their room, LED candles can provide extra safety without compromising on cosiness. The large selection of colours ensures something for every child's room!

Many other products

Our LED candles can shine for many hours, and many of our different types of; LED pillar candles , < span style="font-weight: 400;">LED tealights and LED dinner candles come in packs of 2 or 3. They can stay lit for many hours, and luckily they only require a battery change. These lights never burn down. The candles are available in many colours and shapes, and if you have any questions about the selection, you can always contact our customer service, and we will help you to answer all your questions.