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Bikes at fair prices

We have a large selection of great bikes, biking helmets, and HD cameras at low prices.

Are you looking for a ladies’ bike, a cheap men’s bike, or maybe a mountain bike?

At FamliiShop, you can find cheap bikes. We have classic ladies' and men's bikes, fixie bikes, and mountain bikes. In our selection, you will find:

  • Cheap mountain bikes w/Shimano gears
  • Elegant ladies’ bikes
  • Smart and modern fixie light-weight bikes with single speed
  • Pinbo mountain bikes with 21 outer Shimano gears
  • Classic men’s bike

At FamliiShop, we carry various types of bikes, and if you can't find a bike for your needs or price range, you are welcome to contact us. Together, we will find the perfect bike for you.

Cheap mountain bikes for women and men

A mountain bike must be dependable, no matter the terrain. At FamliiShop, we carry mountain bikes of high quality at reasonable prices. Our mountain bikes are available in 24, 26, 27, 27,5 and 29 inches.

Mountain bikes are built for off-road riding, but today, many people use them for everyday transportation and fun rides in demanding and uneven terrain. The wide tires and great suspension make mountain bikes more durable than the average ladies' or men's bike.

Looking for a ladies' bike on sale or a cheap men's bike?

If you are looking for a cheap ladies' bike or a good discount on a men's bike, you will be happy to discover our selection. We continuously add new bikes to the shop, so keep an eye out! You are also welcome to contact us to hear what models are coming soon.

Shop cheap fixie bikes at FamliiShop

We also carry the popular fixie bikes. What makes the fixie bike unique is that it has no gears, hand brakes, or other extra features. It is a fun and particularly cheap mode of transportation. It has reached significant popularity in many larger cities with few hills, where you don't need several gears to get around. So, if you are looking for a cheap racing bike, our fixie bikes are an obvious suggestion.