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LED Tealights

LED tealights can be used anywhere in the home and are an ideal alternative to regular tealights because there is no risk of fire. They are lifelike but run on batteries, so they can easily be used as Christmas decorations or placed under the curtains. Below, you can read much more about these candles, how you can use them in your interior decor, and why it is the alternative you should go with the next time you buy tealights.

Tealights all year round

With LED tealights, you can use tealights all year round without worrying about smoke or fire risk and without having to regularly buy new lights. They can be used as Christmas decorations or placed in tealight holders - in fact, you can put them wherever you want without any fire risk. In addition, several models have a remote control, allowing you to control them from different places in the room. You can easily select which ones you want on and which you want off. Several products even have a timer, so you don't have to think about turning them off before you go to bed.   These LED lights are available in many different colours, so you can choose which ones suit your home decor and personal style. You can find the regular version with a white "candle" and yellowish flame. We also carry versions with gold and glitter, and in all kinds of beautiful colours. For example, you can choose a red candle, ideal for Christmas and New Year.   Some models are slightly taller than standard candles but still have moving and lifelike flames. This version is suitable for standing on its own, for example, on the windowsill. Still, it can also be used as a decoration or in a tealight holder. LED tealights can be used all over the home, all year round, exactly how you choose to use them. They are also ideal for the children's room.

Sikre lys

Although candles are cosy, there are several reasons not to choose them. They produce a lot of soot and smoke, which can deteriorate the air quality. This is especially a risk for the elderly with lung problems. In addition, they are, of course, a fire hazard. LED tealights are safe because they run on batteries and have a timer. It makes them perfect for decorating a dry Christmas tree, under curtains, or in places where you wouldn't normally be able to place real candles. The tealights also fit in ordinary tealight holders, so you can easily place them where you normally have standard tealights. There are between two and nine pieces in the packages, and they do not include batteries.


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Other lights

Among our large selection of goods, products, and categories, you will also find several other battery-powered lights – all excellent alternatives to ordinary lights. Among other things, you will find many differentLED pillar candles,available in a multitude of different sizes and colours. They come with remote control, enabling you to easily change colours and switch them on and off. We always have many in stock and continuously get new products home, so you can get your favourite candles in no time! We also have a large selection ofLED dinner candles. They are tall and lifelike but do not present the same fire hazard as traditional dinner candles.