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LED Pillar Candle

At FamiliShop, you can always find a large selection of LED pillar candles in different shapes and colours. We have a wide range of sets in different sizes to help create an extra cosy atmosphere in your home. Below, you can read much more about our different models. Find inspiration on incorporating LED pillar candles in your home decor, whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or anywhere else you want a little light and ambience.


Safety above all - and this can be easily achieved by using LED pillar candles and LED tealights instead of traditional candles with live flames. LED lights don't present any fire hazard to your Christmas decorations, and you can fall asleep without worrying about turning off the LED candles. Traditional candles give off soot and smoke when they burn, which can contribute to poor indoor air quality. This is particularly a disadvantage for many older people who suffer from lung problems or other health concerns. Our LED lights look natural and alive. They are equipped with batteries to last a long time while providing the cosy light you get from traditional candles. Many LED candles can also light up in different colours besides the standard warm yellow and are therefore perfect for the children's room.

Many different types

We have a wide range of different LED candles. Some of the most popular LED pillar candles have a wax-like coating on the outside, making them look very natural. There are also models with gold and glitter, some with a glass candle holder, and many other colours and designs. Among other popular products in our online shop, you will find candles in different thicknesses and sizes, including tall, thin candles and other beautiful models. You can also enjoy the lights outside on warm evenings on the terrace. Just remember to bring them back inside before there is too much moisture in the early hours, and be careful not to leave them out in the rain or overnight.

Safe decorating with LED candles

It is easy to use LED pillar lights inside your home, and they do a lot to put the finishing touch when it comes to home comfort - and at a low price. For example, you might want to use our standard white-coloured LED candles on the windowsill or with plants, books, or other trinkets on your living room table. In the children's room, we can recommend using coloured lights to create a fun and cosy atmosphere when the children are playing games or building pillow-forts. Why not take them out on the terrace when you eat dinner outdoors or place some in the greenhouse? They can also be combined with other light sources - for example, string lights or LED strips. Take a look around our site to find more inspiration for using your LED pillar lights and LED tealights in your home decor!

Other products

At FamiliShop, you will also find several other LED lights to use in your home. Among other things, we have LED tealights, LED dinner candlesfor entertaining at dinner parties or on the Christmas tree and much more. If you're looking for something other than lighting, remember that we have almost everything for the home, whether it's for decoration and furnishing, electronics and gadgets, cleaning, or any other requirement. In our shop, you can always find items within many different categories. Our customer service is always ready to help you if you need guidance concerning our products. Come back often to find our latest news or perhaps to take a look at our outlet to find great deals that you can order to your home with fast delivery!