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Indoor and outdoor lighting

Do you need better lighting for your home? Here, you will find a wide selection of beautiful and practical solutions for indoors and outdoors.

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Outdoor string lights make for longer evenings

String lights for the terrace, garden, or balcony are a hit all year round. In winter - especially at Christmas time - outdoor lighting gives an extraordinary sense of calm and cosiness. We sit in the warm house while we face the cold, wintery scene outside and watch the lights twinkle from the garden. We can enjoy longer evenings on the terrace with outdoor lights during summer.

Many of our string lights have a battery and remote control - it can't get much easier to kickstart the fun. LED lights can last even longer than other types of lighting, ensuring the party does not end because the lights go out.

Artificial lights or candles on the Christmas tree?

We light candles when we celebrate and have a good time together. It is cosy and warm. But it can also be stressful if the house is full of guests, and children and animals run around close to the candles.

Many families with children have replaced the traditional live candles on the Christmas tree with artificial lights at Christmas. It is a lifesaver that children and dogs don't get harmed or the wrapping paper goes up in flames. But there is something magical about live candles on the tree, which is difficult to recreate with artificial lighting.

Some families use both. While the family is gathered around the three, real candles light it up. Before and after that, string lights are used to avoid any risk of fire.

If the potential fire hazard creates too much stress, you can choose LED lights as a safe substitute. Our LED Christmas tree lights are beautiful and lifelike. They are completely wire-free, and they flicker just like real candles. An excellent alternative for those who celebrate Christmas with small children and pets.

What is LED light?

You can find LED lights just about everywhere. They are in reading lamps, traffic lights, and bicycle lights. But what does LED really mean? How does it work, and why is it so popular?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. In many languages, we call it LED for short. It works a bit like a reverse solar cell - instead of converting light into energy, LEDs convert energy into light.

Let's compare it to something we know: a traditional incandescent bulb. Here, the LED light has several apparent advantages:

1. Better utilisation of the light energy

2. More efficient energy use

3. Longer lifespan

An old-fashioned light bulb uses much more energy in the form of heat. Typically, only about 10% of the light from an incandescent bulb can be seen by the human eye. The rest is primarily infrared heat radiation. That's why an old architect's lamp can almost singe your hair if you get too close to it. The LED bulb utilises the visible parts of the light spectrum much better and has only minimal heat loss.

But the biggest reason for the LED bulb's popularity is likely to be the substantial energy savings. The calculation will look different from household to household, but as a rule of thumb, you could potentially save up to 80% on your electricity bill by switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lights.

LED lights also have the advantage of lasting considerably longer. So while the neighbour may regularly need to replace his incandescent light bulbs, you can sit back and enjoy the fact that you are saving both time and money.

LED light may still suffer a little from the prejudice that it can be too white and institutional-like. But you don't have to compromise on comfort at home, even using the environmentally-friendly and economically-conscious solution. Of course, incandescent bulbs have charm and authenticity, but they are also a dying breed. Fortunately, LED lighting follows the development. You can find more and more beautiful vintage LED bulbs on the market. They resemble the old-fashioned filament and are perfectly suited to creating decorative, cosy corners in any home.

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Explore our large selection of LED lights for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Here, you can find everything from lamps and string lights to candles and Christmas tree lights. Whether you need a bright work light for the desk, cosy lighting for the corner of the sofa, or a powerful light for your flashlight or headlamp, you can find it here.

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