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LED Candles

LED candles offer an environmentally friendly choice for a cosy atmosphere – you can create a warm and welcoming ambience with a clear conscience. They can be placed anywhere in the home but not in direct sunlight as the candles can melt. Looking for other lights? Take a look at our popular LED-light strings or perhaps some exciting new products in our outlet, where you’ll find great deals – you’ll definitely find something you need! In our online shop, we always have exciting products that you are familiar with from seeing on TV and on the internet. We always ensure you can get them at a great price and with fast delivery.


Realistic LED candles with flickering flame and timer.

At FamliiShop, we have a selection of different candles with LED that are both beautiful and practical. Our LED lights have a realistic, flickering flame that creates a cosy atmosphere and gives the candles an incredibly realistic look. They are made from paraffin, making them look and smell like traditional candles. These candles are particularly suitable if you have pets or small children since you can avoid the risk of fire from traditional candles. Our artificial LED candles come in many different colours so you can be sure to find some that suits your home decor. Whether you are into minimalist Nordic decor with black and white lights or a more playful decor with many colours, you can find the right LED candles here. All our LED lights come with remote control and timer, so you can select whether you'd like the lights to turn off after 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. That way, you can safely keep the lights on in the bedroom when you go to sleep and not worry about having to turn them off.

LED light - the environmentally friendly choice when you need a cosy ambience

When you choose LED lights over traditional candles, you create a better indoor climate in your home. Ordinary candles emit soot particles that can harm health and cause respiratory irritation - with LED candles, you can enjoy a healthier option with a clear conscience. Of course, many still use traditional candles, but the LED lights present an excellent alternative ideal for use in smaller rooms, for example, in the bedroom or the children's room where you want a fire-safe alternative. When you use lights with a real flame like tealights, you must always ensure proper ventilation to maintain a healthy and safe indoor climate, especially in smaller rooms.

LED lights and candles for a variety of purposes

At FamliiShop, we not only sell LED pillar candles. We also have LED tealights with timers and LED lights for the Christmas tree. All our Christmas tree lights are wireless, so you don't have to trip over the cord. It also gives a more stylish look when decorating the Christmas tree. It can also be advantageous to use light with LED for family dinners and parties. Often at these events, many people gather in a room, and the air can become thick and heavy. Here, ordinary candles do not help the indoor climate but can contribute to congestion. If you use candles with an LED flame instead, you ensure that the indoor climate is fresher and does not get heavy with smoke.

LED candles

In recent years, many artificial candles have become very well-designed. Their look is now so realistic that they are difficult to distinguish from traditional candles. These candles have an improved flame design to make it look like the flame is moving. Many designs also include a base with a layer of paraffin around them. Paraffin is similar to candle wax and can be "scraped off" to appear as if it were real. In addition, it also emits a slight scent, reminiscent of the classic scent that traditional candles give off.

LED light with timer

Some LED lights include a timer. These are an obvious choice for anyone who would like the lights to turn themselves off. For example, it is useful if you leave home without turning them off or if you habitually fall asleep on the couch in the evenings. Several models have a timer set to, for example, four or eight hours, which also helps save batteries. Both pillar candles and dinner candles are available with a timer, so you can use LED lights just about everywhere in your home!

LED lights with remote control

There are several models that include remote controls. It makes it possible to adjust the brightness, the colour, and the flame size. You can get these lights in white, blue, pink, and grey! On this page, you can also find a set of three lights, where you can choose between 12 different colours, so you can always find just the right colour that suits your mood!